The collected PCT journal, and upcoming posts

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4 Responses

  1. Mama says:

    I look forward to reading about the things you mentioned – can’t think of anything else at the moment! (Unless you want to go back and write more about Oregon!)

  2. Jaxx SJ says:

    Congrats on completing the trail Penguin, what a wonderful feeling that must be! Have you settled back into regular life ok? Any plans for future thru-hikes or have you decided that the PCT was your final destination?

    • Alice says:

      Thanks, Jaxx. I am settling in, getting my head back into the city scene, planning the next thing. I am definitely thinking about a future thru-hike, but we’ll see what I end up doing with that. Nothing that big in 2015, though I’m looking forward to some shorter backpacking trips around Washington this summer.

      • Jaxx SJ says:

        Yeah I can understand that, it’d probably feel like overkill doing another thru the next year after completing something like the PCT. That’s cool that you’ll still get out on trips in Washington though!

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