Past the Pasayten Wilderness to Monument 78

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  1. Aurora says:


  2. Jen B says:

    I think the FUCK YEAH sums it up pretty well!

  3. Meg says:

    You are the coolest. Creek chilled beer sounds so delicious. Well fucking done Alice, way to be awesome at life. ALL THE HUGS!

  4. Mama says:

    Well done! And never to be forgotten.

  5. Steven Scott Forrest says:

    Congratulations, Penguin. Last saw you at Callahan. Then you were six days ahead of me when I got to Bend. :)

    • Alice says:

      Thanks, Steven! Awesome to hear from you! I thought of your two-bears-in-one-day overdose when I was nearing the end of the trail. Hope you had a great rest of the hike.

  6. Got injured at Sandy River. Couldn’t walk for two weeks; camped athe ocean until I could. Got back on trail to try and salvage it. Got off at Snoqualmie; leg was weak. Which means, I get to do it again!

    After CDT.

    • Alice says:

      That’s too bad about the injury — I hope you’re all healed up now. Got a time frame for the CDT? It’s on my “someday” list for sure.

      • The leg will still flare up occasionally, but it’s a lot better. It was a pretty bad muscle tear. Took the better part of the day to hike 5 miles to help after it happened. Painful. But it gave me a story!

        Thinking 2016 for CDT. I think there are quite a few from the PCT14 class thinking the same.

        A wasp got stuck in my leg hair near shelter cove and stung me about 4 times. You tell Rustle I feel his pain, ‘man. I hope he recovered from his sting near Seiad.

  7. Rochelle says:

    Finished reading your PCT posts today. I really enjoyed them! Thank you for sharing your journey.
    ~assorted internet type person

  8. Klaus says:

    THank you for this wonderful Blog. I enjoed every line!

  9. Dan says:

    Penguin, I just found this today as I plan for my second time around, SoBo next month. Last saw you at Callahans. I find that Journals are great inspiration to keep me motivated, yours is great! Brought pack a lot of memories of 2014. Hope more thrus are in your future. Purist

  1. January 8, 2015

    […] → Next: Stehekin (mile 2580) to Manning Park (mile 2669): Past the Pasayten Wilderness to Monument 78 […]

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