Up the Goldmyer Hot Springs Alternate to Stevens Pass

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  1. Mama says:

    Love the onesie!
    I don’t know if it was the same ford, but I remember seeing one on the map and following your Spot tracks UP TO THE FORD BUT NOT PAST IT. I mean, like, for hours there were no more Spot messages. I considered panicking but then decided it was just one of those things. And behold, your Spot tracks eventually showed up way past the ford, so I was right.

    • Alice says:

      Wow, nice job not panicking. What a terrible place for my dot to disappear. That may have been the Suiattle river crossing in the next section, as the terrain directly after it was densely-treed. I had a left a note for the hikers behind me, so that someone would know where I perished if I slipped off the log…

  2. Tony in Oakland says:

    HI Alice-

    Kibbitzing from my desk at work. My son just joined his NoBo girlfriend (Mexico trailhead April 11)for the Washington section and my wife and I are catching up on trail lore. They’re taking a couple of days with relatives in Seattle to see what the fires are going to do next before they head out into the Glacier Peak Wilderness. Thanks for your great commentary, and congratulations!

  3. Latricia says:

    Es increible como pasa el tiempo, y como te vas volviendo como el viejito o viejita que tanto te molestaba cuando estabas mas patojo, y como los patojos con los que tanto te divertias te parecen mas y mas fuera de la no.mlrSoao espero que el tiempo que ha pasado por mi, no haya pasado en vano, y me haga un mejor ser humano, con canas y mas viejito, pero mejor al fin.

    • Keli says:

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    • wiziwig.ru says:

      Annie!! Just saw your post today! You rock, lady!! Glad to know women like you out there have my back. I would have loved to see you at a conference too. Any chance you'll make it to BlogHER NYC? I'm going and would love to meet you in real life!Just me: You are most WELCOME!! :)~Scout

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