Through Glacier Peak Wilderness to Stehekin

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  1. CopperTone says:

    You truly are hiker trash, my friend!

  2. Rees Hughes says:

    Alice, I would like to post some of your photos from your PCT experience on a website I maintain (a labor of love) with stories and images from the trail. I would give you full credit and link to your website.

  3. Mark Withrow says:

    Wonderful Blog Alice perfect blend of humor, real life and seriousness. my wife and I have been thinking about this for over 6 years and have now decided is time for the adventure. we have learned so much from your and others wxperiences through blogs like this. keep it up. You are amazing!!!!!!

    • Alice says:

      Thank you, Mark. I hope you & your wife have a blast planning your adventure. If you decide to blog about it, send me the link!

      • Dolly says:

        bbell, please. It’s not &#;2108PC„ to deplore the stereotyping of an entire group of people because of the actions of a few. Is it “PC” to be against people who say that they are afraid to walk down the street if a black man approaches?Is it “PC” to be against people who say that all Mormons hate gays?This is not speaking “truth to power.” This is engaging in bigotry for profit, playing on people’s fears and inflaming their hatred. In other words, pretty much what Hitler did. I guess he spoke “truth to power” too. After all, it wasn’t people from Belize or Norway that signed the peace treaty at the end of World War I.

  4. Jannie says:

    Thanks Alice. My kid is hiking this section as I write this. Can’t wait until he is finished and home again. It helps to know that others have survived this section and live to tell about it. sounds like a right bitch. Good job to you and all the other through hikers.

  5. Andy McKerrow says:

    Ouch Alice. Found this researching my 1st trip back to Stehekin since my thruhike in 2000. Pangs of beauty and loss. I can relate to every word. The pictures fire memories of that bridge, the way those green slopes fall away in that area, the body issues…real good journaling. Thanks for sharing. But wow, I miss it so much it hurts. The thru-hiker’s curse. As if you’re still checking this post!

  1. January 8, 2015

    […] ← Previous: Stevens Pass (mile 2476) to Stehekin (mile 2580): Through Glacier Peak Wilderness to Stehekin […]

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