PCT gear lists: start vs. finish

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  1. Grapenut says:

    Hey Penguin,
    Found your blog searching for info about the MLD Burn.
    Met you at Mcdonalds at Cajon Pass on the PCT and camped at Guffy with you the night the police and forest service came through the campground, haha. Really impressed with this PCT gear writeup and glad to see that you finished the trail.

    • Alice says:

      Hey Grapenut, I remember you! I was so impressed by your ability to find a place to charge your phone behind the trash can at McDonalds — I copied your move the rest of the hike. Did you finish too? I assumed so, you were always so far ahead in the registers. Hope you had a great rest of the hike.

      Are you thinking of getting the Burn? I really liked it, and would be happy to answer more questions if you have any.

  2. Trigger says:

    I am just now finding your blog, and I love, love, love it!!! So much information and transparency. I love the “realness” in your writing. Nicely done!

  3. vladimir says:

    wonderful blog, I love it :-)
    One thing I wanted to ask, I was wondering how much did you budget per month.

    • Alice says:

      Hi Vladimir, glad you enjoyed it. Sadly, I didn’t keep track of my monthly spending once I was actually on the trail, or the costs of my gear before the trail. It’s possible to be cheaper or spend more, and I definitely leaned on the side of spending more, tending to stay in hotels rather than the cheapest hostels, and eating restaurant meals rather than all grocery store food in towns.

  4. tracyrroman says:

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