John Muir Trail '013


I hiked the 210 mile John Muir Trail in the High Sierra mountains in California in August 2013, from north to south. I walked half of it solo, half with my partner Russell.

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Trail Journal

I kept a journal on the trail, and have shared it day by day. I transcribed my nightly entires, and shared some post-trail thoughts.

Day 1: Happy Isles → Little Yosemite Valley (including Half Dome)

Day 2: Little Yosemite Valley → Lower Cathedral Lake

Day 3: Lower Cathedral Lake → Lyell Canyon (including Cathedral Pass, and Tuolumne Meadows)

Day 4: Lyell Canyon → Thousand Island Lake (including Donahue & Island Passes)

Day 5: Thousand Island Lake → Red’s Meadow

Day 6: Red’s Meadow → Purple Lake

Day 7: Purple Lake → Mott Lake Trail Junction (including Silver Pass)

Day 8: Mott Lake Trail Junction → Vermillion Valley Resort

Day 9: Vermillion Valley Resort → Upper Bear Creek Meadow 

Day 10: Upper Bear Creek Meadow → Blayney Hot Springs (including Selden Pass, and Muir Trail Ranch)

Day 11: Blayney Hot Springs → Lake Florence → Blayney Hot Springs (Russell joins!)

Day 12: Blayney Hot Springs → Colby Meadow

Day 13: Colby Meadow → near Big Pete Meadow (including Muir Pass)

Day 14: near Big Pete Meadow → Deer Meadow (BEAR)

Day 15: Deer Meadow → South Fork Kings River (including Mather Pass)

Day 16: South Fork Kings River → Woods Creek Trail (including Pinchot Pass)

Day 17: Woods Creek Trail → Upper Vidette Meadow (including Glen Pass)

Day 18: Upper Vidette Meadow → Tyndall Frog Ponds (including Forester Pass)

Day 19: Tyndall Frog Ponds → Guitar Lake

Day 20: Guitar Lake → Whitney Portal (including Mt. Whitney summit)