JMT Day 19: Wind, wag bags, and the extra food feast

base camp at guitar lake
Base camp at Guitar Lake.

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  1. Ray DeLea says:

    Would you mind if I used your photo of Mt. Whitney in a book I am writing about my packing experiences with Mt. Whitney Pack Trains from 1965-1970? I’ll place whatever credit alongside the photo that you would like. I packed the Sierra Club and the Trail Riders of the Wilderness many times over this trail, and on to the summit of Mt. Whitney and down to Whitney Portals.

    Thanks for your consideration
    Ray DeLea

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    • Hi Aaron – Thanks for the kind words and the additional ideas. I do think that maps are underused. They can be extremely helpful and keep people coming back to whatever platform you use them on!

    • Happy Happy Birthday! I hope your birthday and christmas and new year’s are full of love and family! :O)Recipe looks great. I am currently working on a cookbook with my daycare kids for their parents for christmas. Fun and crazy times cooking with kids.I would love to win the cook book!

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