Hiking bra reviews: Moving Comfort Juno & Serena

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  1. Claire Marie-Peterson says:

    Thank you for the thorough review! I’m looking for a sports bra that can be worn alone as well as under other layers (as your options all seem to be) for an 11-day backpack on the High Sierra Trail to Mount Whitney. I sort of intuited the issues with high-impact-activity bras, and I don’t have enough up front to require “compression.” I do, however, have headlight issues and fear that the bralette might be a little too little for a mixed-company trek with strangers, especially with the knowledge that a lighter color will be better for discouraging mosquitoes. How did you fare with the Ibex bralette?

    • Alice says:

      Hmm, I nipped out the entire JMT and PCT. Didn’t find a way around it. The Ibex bralette also definitely didn’t prevent that. :(

      I think you’d need to look for something with padding in the cup region. The one I ended up wearing on my thru-hike, the Patagonia Barely Everyday bra, has space to pads/insert, so that might work. On the other hand, pads would dry more slowly than a single layer bra unless you removed them for drying.

      Hope that helps!

  1. January 14, 2015

    […] was probably the most-researched piece of clothing I wore on the trail. I had worn synthetic material bras on my JMT section hike in 2012 and complete JMT hike in 2013, and was unsatisfied with both. I […]

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