JMT Day 4: Donahue Pass, bison dreams, and chub rub

The bench & tarn below Donahue.
The bench & tarn below Donahue.

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2 Responses

  1. Nell says:

    Alice, totally enjoying reliving my JMT experience thru reading about yours! I was pretty good about journaling for a little while, then trailed off…. pun unintended! We followed pretty similar schedules. I also was EFFING TERRIFIED during Half Dome and think of it as my best ever exercise in staying in the moment, as in not looking down for anything ever, even when the German dude who was powering up on our way down was puking on the rock. Yes to complete and total exhaustion in the beginning, as well as irrational resentment towards Andrew for being positive and both Sasha and Andrew for having way better-prepared walking legs than me. Those blisters definitely got worse before better. AND those nature shits sure make or break your day. Anyway, this is fun!

    • Alice says:

      I journaled every day… except the last! Oops.

      Ha, I remember it being great in a “sucks for you” way to hear about someone actually puking while on the cables since I’d been worried about it so much, though I felt bad for you having to duck it. Glad you’re enjoying the posts!

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