hello, hiking world

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3 Responses

  1. Sarah says:

    I am following you on Bloglovin’!

    • Alice says:

      Thanks, Sarah! I added a button to make following a bit easier. Bloglovin’ (which I typo-ed as blog-goblin) is quite a handsome site. Maybe I’ve found my Google Reader replacement at long last.

  2. Button says:

    Eddy and Al would be so proud of you Alice. I am not sure if I ever met you Alice but I sure remember Eddy bragging about you when you were in India and about what a fabulous cook you were becoming. Do you still cook much? At the time I think your plan was to become a chef. Did that ever happen. I remember several years ago enjoying your father’s company when he stayed at our house on his bike trip from Washington to Southern California. What a wonderful family you have.I also remember your dad when he was a teenager. Always creating artwork. Good stuff too.

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