State of the Hike: 3 week edition

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4 Responses

  1. Beth says:

    Yipes, so soon! Sounds like you’re almost prepared, gear wise, though.

  2. Jene-Paul says:

    Extra digicam cards, good. How’re ya gonna recharge cam battery? Carry extra battery(s)? Li-ion has a pretty good shelf life. Solar charger? (Naaaaah, don’t.) Pack at least one spare, charged, in each drop-shipment? Return depleted batteries home via envelope (too expensive and toxic to toss; lithium battery shipment via USPS is resticted, not impossible)? Better yet, immediately plug in charger and charge cam battery at PO while sorting freshly picked-up shipment; drop charger back in small box/envelope and use pre-addressed labels to send forward to next drop point Post Office, charge again next time. You take such good pictures of your hikes, a.

    • Alice says:

      Thanks, glad you like the pics.

      I have two extra batteries for the camera. The three together got me through 20 days on the JMT with no recharging, but I am planning to bring the wall charger and charge at POs as you mention. Bounce boxes sound too fiddly, so for now I’m planning to just carry it (2.2 oz). For memory cards, I’ll be sending them back to R for him to download pics & send back to a future stop.

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