Ohlone Wilderness Trail (28 mile point-to-point hike)

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  1. Stella says:

    So I’m gearing up for a 2015 PCT attempt, and I live in Oakland as well. I asked around about overnight hikes accessible from public transit and I was pointed the way of this story and the Ohlone trail. I called up the EBRP and asked about camp permit availability and the pickings for this weekend (a 3-day weekend) are very slim, and then I asked about if there would be enough trees to set up my hammock and the person on the phone said hammocks were strictly forbidden for LNT reasons. That doesn’t jive with my experience at all… I dunno.

    Anyway, so my thought was that I’d just try to stealth camp. Did any ranger ever ask to see your permit? Were there enough trees on this trail to hide a (discrete) hammock? Do you think this would be at all difficult?


    • Alice says:

      Hi Stella, that’s so exciting about your 2015 PCT hike! I’ll be rooting for you.

      I didn’t personally have my permit checked on the Ohlone Trail, but I would guess the rangers would be out on weekends in full force. As for trees for hammocking, there were plenty around Maggie’s Half Acre at least. I don’t see anything in the EBParks online backpacking regulations prohibiting hanging, so that is news to me. Best of luck sorting the permits & dates!

      • Stella says:

        Cool, thanks, Alice! I think I’ll probably just put it off and do it later as a 2-day, and just try to book it one of the days (I have almost all of your same goals in a shakedown ^_^). That way I can get a permit ahead of time, and bring the actual shelter that I intend of using which doesn’t require trees.

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