Hiking footwear first look: Altra Lone Peak 1.5

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  1. Delish says:

    Hi! I’m enjoying reading all about your backpacking journeys! How I found your blog was through the Altra trail shoe review. Interestingly enough I also own the Keen Targhees. I did ok with them, but because my foot slipped so much on the downhills, my toes were bruised badly. I’m just merely a beginner though and am in awe of your successful through hikes.
    My question for the Altra lone peak 1.5 is did you buy them a full size up than your normal everyday shoe size? I ended up getting the Targhees in my normal size. Had I bought them bigger, I would have had other issues. I have learned that I can place a pad on the underside of the tongue to meet the top of my foot to keep them from sliding.
    I’m going to start looking to see if I can purchase these shoes locally, but most likely I will have to order them online and I’m not very good about sending things back. This will also be my first zero drop shoe, so I will be transitioning into a more minimalist shoe.
    Also, did you find any issues regarding your feet and pack weight? I’m not even close to being a light backpacker.
    I appreciate your input. Thanks!

    • Alice says:

      I started the hike in women’s Lone Peak 1.5 size 9.5, and kept going up in size. Nowadays, I’m trying to stay closer in shoe size to the size of my feet. If you don’t have local access to a store that carries the shoes, perhaps you can use an online company like Zappos that makes returns relatively easy.

      As for transitioning, I did take a few months to get used to the zero drops before the PCT, and I had been hiking and running in 4mm drop shoes for the previous year. It’s easy to get overuse injuries if you jump right into lower drop shoes, especially if you throw in lots of weight.

      With the cushioning on the Lone Peaks, I didn’t notice any issues with pack weight hurting my feet. I would recommend staying with the higher stack weight shoes for sure though, as I did know people who had issues where their shoes didn’t have a rock plate or much cushioning. Hope you have a great hike!

  2. Nativenorcal says:

    I’m interested to know if you have high arches? Unfortunately I have a wide toebox, narrow midfoot and high arches. Brooks has been my go to running shoe for a long time, but get the hot spots on the toes for run mileage 13+. Going to try your new lacing method though…(Researching the Altra Lone). Thanks!

  3. DinaHaines says:

    Superb shoes

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